Advertising photography or industrial photography? which one?

These days, advertising photography is called a very attractive branch of photography, so the photographer should be able to think about it and implement his creative ideas and tastes in photography. If we compare advertising photography with other fields of photography, we see that in almost none of the branches of photography is the opinion of the client as involved in advertising photography. With this in mind, photographers can enjoy their work
Industrial photography is a branch of photography whose task is to show accurate and complete and quality products ٬ In this branch of photography, the photographer tries to use accurate equipment and select accurate and complete lighting to the extent Record the possibility of a quality and accurate image of the product in which all its appearance characteristics are displayed.
The task of the industrial photographer is to take a complete view of the product and present it to the customer or employer, in this category, as stated, the goal is only one thing: a complete and clear display of the product from different and beautiful angles. In the meantime, some industrial photographers try to design simple decors in accordance with the uses of the product to be photographed.

Meanwhile, some industrial photographers try to give a slightly more practical aspect to the photo by designing simple decors that match the uses of the product to be photographed, and save the photo from the annoying simplicity of industrial photos ُ, which is sometimes very useful and visually appealing. It doubles the photo and sometimes overcomes the subject with a bit of exaggeration and inexperience of the decor and shows itself more in the photo, which is due to the experience of an industrial photographer, to what extent and how the decor Prepare and execute the background to help the attractiveness of the product while the decor itself is in the margins. In this field, not only should we have maximum mastery of theory and technique, but we will need many tools, in addition to the camera. From colored wallpapers to desks, from sophisticated lighting fixtures to tripods and large pantographs, and most importantly, massive studios full of lighting fixtures are only for industrial-advertising photography.
Saying the name of advertising photography reminds any listener of very simple and short images in the mind. Sticker image on can. A runner on a shoebox or a happy child on a food box. But whatever it is, in the third millennium, propaganda, and especially visual propaganda, has itself become a powerful tool in human societies. Advertising photography and advertising image have now found their place in the important pages of magazines, advertising posters have taken over all cities, and the news of the opening of large and glamorous studios is heard every day.

Visual propaganda is now taking its steps more firmly, as it has found that it has penetrated even the economic societies that are the artery of a nation, and has even dominated political societies.
And that is why such great people of different nations put themselves in the lens of the lens that they do not even think about the result of the work because they have full confidence in the result of this kind of propaganda.
Thus, from the beginning of humanity since the creation of the caveman, video advertising has clearly appeared.

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