The undeniable impact of social media on business prosperity

Today, the role of social media in business, commerce, advertising, marketing, sales and branding is not hidden from anyone and the use of these facilities is expanding every day. Because everyone, from a 10-year-old to an elderly person, uses social media. Now it’s time for you to use it in your business and feel the impact.

E-commerce has undergone many changes since its advent with the development of new hardware and software technologies, and newer versions of it have emerged, such as mobile commerce and network commerce. The most important thing that has happened in the world after the development of social networks is a topic called social media business, which is called social business for short. Social business has many benefits, both for business and for customers.

It is estimated that the number of social network users will reach 3 billion, which can have a tremendous impact on the development and prosperity of digital businesses. Currently, the existence of smartphones has facilitated users’ access to the Internet, which has led many companies to consider taking advantage of this opportunity. They have launched advertising campaigns without delay, in which information about services and products is provided to campaign fans. The constant repetition of the brand or brand makes the audience agree with it and after a while to buy products.

Online presence
Social networks have gradually become an integral part of people’s daily lives. Sharing lunch details to get bad service, people on these networks talk about almost everything in their lives. Millions of people visit social media every day, and businesses need to maximize their online presence. Statistics show that the use of social media and online communication influences shopping decisions.

Journal research on social networks
The famous Dutch magazine Next Web announced in this regard that social networks are a powerful and unique source for introducing and promoting products, which will soon reach the number of activists in social networks, which will reach 3 billion, which has a great effect. Focuses on the growth of businesses that operate on social networks.


Social networks are an up-to-date and powerful tool for advancing goals because they can turn active users into a powerful source of business advertising with easy access to influential people and online customer support.
Advertising in cyberspace reduces the cost of advertising in public media and newspapers and has a better return.
Another application of using this space in business is to create loyal customers. Customers who are satisfied with your ads and page space and publish your content themselves and create an advertising bridge for you.
Each of the social networks is suitable for businesses that fit their own characteristics. For example, Instagram is suitable for different brands of bags, shoes, clothes,… that just need space for advertising and needs.

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