Why should we have a promotional teaser for our business?

Advertising today is the link between brands and companies, and audiences. With the development of technology, advertising has moved away from its traditional form and visual advertising has become widely popular in the visual media. Every business needs advertising, both to promote and to promote its product, and according to statistics, people prefer visual advertising to other types, especially if there is a story behind it. This feature can be attributed exactly to advertising teasers. But what is a promotional teaser and what are its features? On what basis do global brands make advertising teasers?

The teaser ad is easily shareable
If you make a fun and entertaining teaser, nothing will stop users from sharing it with acquaintances. When the suggestion is from friends, users will watch the video without knowing that making a promotional teaser will display an app that might be useful to them as well.

Application of advertising teaser
Here are some of the most common teaser locations:

Show teasers on mass media such as TV and radio and و
Screening of teasers in exhibitions
Display ads in conferences and seminars
Play promotional videos in the waiting and rest halls of the organization
Broadcast in general and specialized visual media for advertising purposes
Between movies and home series
Production of videos in order to present the performance report of the organization
Play movies on city-level advertising monitors
Use in hotels and halls
Use in educational videos
Use in social networks
Use on video sharing websites
Use on the company website
One of the best ways to create an effective advertising teaser is to add a logo or small app icon to the video, so users will remember your brand. By building a quality product, you can develop your brand and get customers back to your company when they need your services. Creating a unique application alone is not enough and you have to expose the application to users.

Advertising clip scenario

The main purpose of any teaser is to give a message to the viewer, however incomplete and sequential, to engage his mind. In this section, you do not need to deal with all the features of the product and explain it from zero to one hundred. The teaser should be a short story and have ambiguity so that the viewer is willing to come back a few more times to clear the ambiguity and watch the teaser. If the teaser has such a feature, it can be said that you have created a successful promotional teaser.

According to the latest statistics obtained in 2017, 87% of online marketers spend most of their time on making advertising teasers, and 90% of Internet traffic will include video ?!
A more important statistic is that 65% of users who watch your website after watching the video, decide to buy!
Businesses that have started making video marketing teasers have 46% more customers than others and their brand impact is 139% more than the rest.

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