How much does motion graphics help introduce our business?

Videos that convey the message and content in motion are motion. The word Motion is translated into dynamic Persian and anything that has motion is called.

Simply put, in animated graphics, we first need to design a complete graphic design in separate layers in design software such as Illustrator or Photoshop, and then use them in software such as After Effects or Apple Motion to output them in TimeLine. Get the final rendering animation.


Where is motion graphics used?
Motion graphics can be seen everywhere today, including:

Movies and cinema
Advertising ,
Social networks and…
A variety of motion graphics formats
There are videos in which real space is filmed and reports information. In real video, graphic designs are not used much, and the main focus and burden of message transmission is on video, sound recording, sound recording and editing.

Motion video
These motions are a combination of filming and graphics, which are mainly used in addition to increasing the attractiveness to display information that can not be provided by filming.

Stop Motion
Stop motion is a technique for making real objects. In this way, objects are moved slightly and partially, and each movement is photographed. Then all the photos are placed one after the other using special software to induce a sense of movement.

Motion Graphics
Motion graphics are made up of the two words “motion” and “graphics” and in a simple sense, is a graphic that has movement and uses the capabilities of both to convey the message. They generally do not use real images and use graphic design software such as Photoshop and Illustrator to design the graphic.

Presenting content in a graphic motion is more attractive to the audience due to the movement and sound.

Animations are videos that must have a specific character and a specific story, and often deal with the underlying story, psychological, emotional and philosophical layers of the characters and characters. Unlike motion graphics, they are character-driven.

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